5 Tips For Caring For Your Adult Braces

Adult braces are a growing trend, with orthodontists nation-wide seeing around a 58% increase in adult patients since the 1990s. Many adults wish they had gotten braces as a children, but their families either didn't have the money or didn't think braces were a priority. In other cases, orthodontic problems such as a misaligned bite did not become obvious until adulthood.

In any case, if you're an adult considering braces you have a straighter, healthier smile to look forward to but may also be wondering how to best take care of your braces. Here are five tips for caring for your adult braces:

Never Skip Brushing

When you don't have braces, it may not be a huge deal to occasionally skip brushing your teeth after meals. It's not always convenient to brush your teeth after your lunch break, for example, and you may figure you'll just get it done later when you're home. With braces, it becomes crucial to brush your teeth after every meal because food particles can easily become trapped inside your braces, quickly leading to plaque and other issues.

Be sure to carry a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste set in your vehicle or perhaps keep one in your desk at work. This way, you can easily get away to brush your teeth even after quick meals on the go.

Flossing Is Mandatory

Flossing is especially important with braces, since it helps remove the stubborn food particles that get trapped in between your teeth, as well as those that get caught between your braces and your teeth. Aim to floss at least once a day, but preferably after every meal, while wearing braces. Your orthodontist should be able to provide you with special orthodontist floss that is designed to get in between your braces and your teeth more easily than regular floss. Alternatively, you could purchase a floss threader from the drug store.

Use Mouth Wash

Many adults with braces find mouth wash to be very helpful. It helps rinse away any stubborn food particles, while also killing bacteria and germs in your mouth and on your actual braces. Rinsing with mouth wash every night will help your mouth stay as clean and fresh-feeling as possible.

Use a Power Toothbrush

Old school toothbrushes are no match for adult braces. Buy a power toothbrush, which will do a better job at brushing your teeth than you can with a manual toothbrush. Many people find that using a power toothbrush is easier and requires less effort than a manual toothbrush, which is especially helpful when you have adult braces since you will be brushing your teeth more often. This guide to brushing your teeth with braces will help you do the most thorough job.

Avoid Problem Foods

Generally, eating is no problem with adult braces, but there are some foods that should be avoided. Foods that are especially crunchy, hard, or sticky can get stuck more easily in your braces or even break the wiring. This can cause you additional orthodontic expenses and make the overall time spent wearing adult braces even longer than anticipated.

Some foods that should be avoided whenever possible while wearing your adult braces include peanut butter, popcorn, caramel, taffy and other sticky types of candy, nuts, hard candy, and chewing gum. Some borderline-problematic foods include bagels, apples, potato chips, and corn on the cob. These can be eaten with adult braces, but should be eaten carefully and in small bites.

By following this advice, your adult braces will be easy to care for and remain clean and comfortable while they're busy at work straightening your teeth. For more info, check out sites like http://www.cresthillfamilydental.com.