Learn How Full Mouth Reconstruction Benefits Your Overall Health

Most patients understand that main benefit to a full mouth reconstruction is the mitigation of pain and the restoration of a beautiful, confident smile. But did you know that the procedure may benefit other areas of physical and mental health, too? Whether you have a specific concern or are just trying to live a healthier life, getting the treatment you need is vital to your success. Learn the truth about the overarching benefits of fixing your oral health concerns through full mouth reconstruction in this short guide.

Lower Risk for Heart Problems

In 2007, the American Heart Association released a report that identified a link between tooth and gum line infections and endocarditis. This condition is an infection around the lining of the heart and can be fatal if undetected or untreated. Symptoms include heart rhythm issues, high blood pressure, and even cardiac arrest.

This life-threatening condition often requires surgery and months of recovery to correct.

The risk for bacterial endocarditis is significantly higher if you happen to have had a heart transplant or if you have prosthetic valves. People with pacemakers and individuals who have had a heart transplant are also at increased risk. 

Whether you fall under the high-risk list or you're healthy, full mouth reconstruction addresses the source of this risk. With infection and inflammation resolved, you'll lower your risk for heart problems later in life.

Fewer Headaches

Issues with the teeth or jaw often lead to tension headaches. Missing teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder, and infection can all produce referred pain and muscle spasm in the neck, shoulders, and scalp. Abscessed teeth and extensive caries may also cause the same type of referred pain, as they over-sensitize the nerve root itself.

This referred pain and tension may even manifest as migraines. If you've had little luck with resolving your chronic migraine headaches, resolving your oral health concerns may make treatment and resolution successful.

For best results, always tell your dentist about repeated headaches, jaw pain, or muscle spasms around the face, neck, shoulders, and head. He or she can take x-rays and verify whether your issues may be tied to your oral health.

More Confidence

Severe oral health issues come with plenty of stigma. Often, patients become afraid to smile naturally, hiding their personalities in fear. This could have long-standing social effects on your life. Isolation, depression, and issues with self-confidence are sadly common. Researchers even believe that patients with extremely poor oral health may have an increased risk for mental health concerns.

In fact, this article identifies that patients who go without dental care may even have trouble getting hired, especially if their chosen career involves interacting with people on a daily basis. The inability to smile can cause your work productivity to suffer, and it may even make interacting with co-workers more difficult.

Full mouth reconstruction restores your ability to let your personality shine through and removes the source of stigma permanently. Essentially, it gives you the freedom to be yourself without worrying about how others might perceive your oral health.

Safer Pregnancies

If you're a woman of childbearing age, and you are considering having another child, be aware that there is a causational link between periodontal disease and preterm birth. As pregnancy itself can increase your risk for conditions like gingivitis, treating oral health conditions before you become pregnant is especially important.

Researchers believe the risk increases because bacteria spreads from the mouth into the rest of your body, and thus, into the womb as well. Inflammatory proteins in the body may also cause your body to release prostaglandin, a substance that causes the womb to contract, even if you aren't in labor. In fact, prostaglandins are often used to cause cervical dilation during labor.

If you're assuming you can treat issues during pregnancy, this is not generally recommended except for in absolute emergencies. Dental treatments of any kind, especially full mouth reconstruction, are considered a form of surgical intervention. Furthermore, pregnant mothers should avoid x-rays whenever possible, as they are linked with birth defects over time. 

That being said, resolving your issues before you become pregnant is perfectly reasonable and fine. Doing so will remove the source of the problem long before it has the ability to impact your baby. 

Regardless of what type of full mouth reconstruction you need, getting treatment is vital to your overall health. Waiting until your condition becomes an emergency is not only uncomfortable, it may be downright dangerous. With the potential for endocarditis and other extremely serious health problems, dental care is an important part of any wellness plan. For questions about your oral health, or to see if full mouth reconstruction is right for you, contact your local dental office today. You can also click here to read more about dental services in your area.