Gummy Smile? What You Should Know About A Gum Lift Procedure

If you do not like the appearance of your short teeth and gummy smile, you may want to consider a gum lift. Your teeth are just as long as any other person's teeth, but they are crowded out by your gums. A gum lift can expose more of your teeth so that you will be more comfortable with how your look. Here are some questions you may have about a gum lift:

Who Performs A Gum Lift?

A cosmetic dentist will perform a gum lift on anyone with a large gum line. Part of the gum will be removed so that the teeth appear longer. If you have any damage to decay under the gum line, a gum lift will also help expose those teeth so that they can be repaired. This procedure will also ensure that you are better able to access the teeth in order to have optimal oral hygiene.

What Happens During A Gum Lift?

You will need to be placed under anesthesia during the procedure. The cosmetic dentist will make very small incisions in the gum and gently pull it back away from the teeth. That gum tissue will be trimmed away so that the teeth appear longer. If your gums are especially large, you may have to have some portions of your jaw bone trimmed as well. The area will be stitched back together once it is complete.

What Is The Healing Process?

Healing from a gum lift is similar to that of any significant oral procedure. You will be given pain control options if you feel you need it. Your pain level will depend on how much work was done to expose your teeth. You will need to be very careful when eating and drinking so that you do not affect your stitches and incisions. Your dentist may also want you to come back for a follow-up visit to check the gums to see if they are healing properly.

Is There A Downfall Of Getting A Gum Lift?

The primary downfall of a gum lift is the cost. Cosmetic procedures are not typically covered by dental insurance. However, your dentist may say that your gum lift is medically necessary if it is causing severe decay and damage to your teeth. In this case, some of your procedure may be covered under your insurance. You will need to contact your plan administrators as well as the business manager at the dental practice to discuss your payment options.

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