Which Cosmetic Dentistry Option Is Right For You?

If you're like most people, you don't have a naturally perfect smile, and there are some things you probably wish you could change about your teeth. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dentistry techniques that can be used to transform the appearance of your teeth and help give you that confidence boost you've been wanting. Not sure which cosmetic dentistry option is best to help you meet your goals? Consider a few common scenarios.

You Have Crooked Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, then cosmetic teeth straightening is probably your best option. And while your mind may immediately jump to metal braces, the truth is that you don't need extensive orthodontic work to straighten out the look of your smile. Instead, dental veneers may be worth looking into. With this cosmetic procedure, artificial veneers are placed on the fronts of your teeth to achieve a straighter and more beautiful smile without the wait of braces!

You Have Gaps or Imperfections on Your Teeth

For small gaps or other cosmetic imperfections, such as cracks or chips, you may want to ask your cosmetic dentist about dental bonding. This procedure can be done quickly and easily in-office, and uses a bonding resin in a shade matched to your natural tooth color to fill in unwanted gaps and other imperfections. It takes just one session and the results can last for years before needing to be redone!

Your Teeth Are Discolored or Yellowed

Professional teeth whitening in your dentist's office is the most common cosmetic procedure performed, and for good reason. In just one quick treatment, you can enjoy having a smile that is several shades whiter and the results can last for a year or more. If you're unhappy with discolored or yellowed teeth, be sure to have teeth whitening done professionally rather than using store-bought kits. The whitening agent your dentist has access to is much stronger and you can ensure it's done safely this way.

You Have Missing Adult Teeth

Finally, if you have one or more adult teeth missing, consider your options for cosmetic dental work. For a more temporary and affordable solution, partial dentures or dental bridges may be your best option. For a more permanent and functional treatment, ask your dentist if you're a viable candidate for dental implants.

With these cosmetic dentistry options, you can transform your teeth and be on your way to a more confident smile!