Root Canal Information For Patients Needing This Treatment

As you pass through life, you will find that you might require numerous dental procedures to keep your smile looking its best. Root canals can be particularly common procedures for people to require, and you should know the basics about these procedures so that you can be prepared for this type of dental treatment.

What Is The Purpose Of Undergoing A Root Canal?

When a root canal is recommended, it is likely due to a serious infection of the tooth's interior tissue. A root canal will involve removing this bacteria and infected tissue from the tooth. Without going through this procedure, the infection will continue to worsen until it results in the loss of the tooth.

Are Root Canals Painful For Patients To Undergo?

There is a common fear among dental patients that their root canal procedure will be extremely painful. While it is true that root canals in the past were marked by severe discomfort, modern techniques and equipment have developed enough to reduce this. In fact, a modern root canal will likely cause only slightly more discomfort than receiving a filing.

How Will A Patient Know That They May Require A Root Canal?

Typically, patients will likely be aware of the need to receive a root canal by the intense pain and swelling that the damaged tooth will experience. In particular, the pain and discomfort are likely to worsen over time, and it can spread to the neighboring teeth. However, it can also be possible for the infection to damage the nerve in the tooth, which can make it much more difficult for you to notice this problem. Additionally, many of the symptoms of an infected tooth may also be similar to gum infections, which can further complicate self-diagnosis. Fortunately, your dentist will be able to identify teeth that may benefit from this procedure during your routine cleanings and evaluations.

Will A Root Canal Increase The Care Needs Of Your Mouth?

Individuals that require root canals may wonder about the way that this procedure will impact their future dental health needs. However, patients that receive root canals are unlikely to experience a significant change in their dental care needs. Typically, the only additional care that will be required is to replace the crown when it starts to suffer severe wear, but this should only be an issue after many years. Outside of this, you will only need to brush and floss the treated tooth as you normally would.

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