Crooked Teeth Help

If you have crooked teeth, then the treatment options the dentist suggests to you will depend on a variety of things, such as the severity of the issue, the budget you are working with, your age, your overall dental health and any other things that they feel should be a consideration when choosing treatments. This article will go over some of the common treatment methods for fixing crooked teeth and cover other information about them that you should become better-educated on.

Braces may help – In some instances, your teeth may be quite crooked in a way where they pretty much all need to be straightened out over time. The dentist may feel you would do best in braces for this type of situation. Some people assume braces are for kids, but they can be put on people of varying ages. They can be a bit pricey and take a while to achieve the desired result. But, when a case would best be served going this route, then it may be your best bet.

Invisible aligners may help – In some cases, the dentist may feel invisible aligners can work in lieu of braces. They can be a more affordable option, more comfortable and can be removed. However, the one negative thing these aligners have over braces is they can take a good amount of time more to straighten your teeth than had you gone with braces.

Extraction and implants may help – If you have a seriously crooked tooth that is causing you major problems, but the rest of your teeth are managing to do well in spite of it, then the dentist may prefer to extract the problem tooth. Removing the one problematic tooth and replacing it can be the best route in some instances and replacing it with an implant would give you the next best thing to a natural tooth in its place.

Veneers may help – If you have some teeth that are only slightly crooked, the dentist may discuss the possibility of using veneers with you. They will need to shave down some of your teeth to create space for the veneers to fit. But, once the veneers are on, you can have a straight smile. One thing a lot of people like about choosing veneers is the process for getting them isn't a painful one, and you will have your smile looking just how you want it the same day the veneers are in, and the dentist can fit you in.

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