Getting Braces as an Adult? Here's Why You Should Choose Clear Aligners over Metal Braces

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you can't get the straight, healthy smile you've always wanted with the help of braces. Here are a few good reasons to consider getting fitted for clear aligners instead of metal braces:

Maintain Your Look

One of the best reasons to choose clear braces over metal ones is to have the ability to maintain your look. Clear braces will not distract people when you're talking to them like metal braces would. In fact, most people likely won't even notice that you have braces on even when they're standing right in front of you during a conversation. Your braces can distract from your hairstyle, clothing style, or facial expressions. Having clear braces allows you to continue being yourself and feeling good about your overall appearance.

All-Day Comfort

Choosing to wear clear braces instead of metal ones will also allow you to stay comfortable throughout the day, regardless of what you are doing. Metal braces can make your mouth feel raw, especially if you spend a lot of your time talking during the day. The metal can rub against your gums and even cut your tongue or lips as time goes on. These are things you'll never have to worry about when wearing clear braces.

You Can Remove Them

Unlike metal braces, you can quickly and easily remove clear braces whenever you feel the need to without the need for professional help. You can take the aligners off before sitting down for a meal so no food particles get stuck in them, or you can brush your teeth and sleep without having to wear the braces. Being able to take your clear aligners out will make it easy to clean and disinfect the braces as time goes on.

You Can Easily Replace Them

If you happen to lose or damage your clear braces as time goes on, it should be easy for your dentist to create new ones for you so you can get back to your treatment quickly. Your dentist will already have impressions of your teeth and should be able to create new clear alignment molds for you without having to schedule an in-person appointment. All you have to do is call your dentist and request new clear braces if you ever find the need for them.

Schedule a consultation appointment with a dentist, such as Brian Smith Orthodontics, to learn more about how clear braces work and what kind of benefits you can expect to take advantage of once you start wearing them.