Same-Day Dentures: A Look At The Pros And Cons

Getting dentures after you have your teeth pulled is the most common choice for most patients who are facing the loss of their natural smile. While most dentists do recommend waiting a bit to get dentures so your gums can heal, there is nothing wrong with getting dentures the same day; it only changes how the process goes. To help you make a decision, take a look at a few of the positives and negatives of same-day dentures from companies such as Palmetto Denture Care

Pro: You will not be without teeth at all. 

When you lose your natural teeth, it completely changes your visible appearance. For most people, this can be a devastating thing that takes a toll on your self-confidence and how you interact with the world around you. Without question, the biggest reason people go for same-day dentures is to eliminate the concern of having to go without any teeth at all. Your dentures will be placed as soon as your teeth are extracted. 

Con: The dentures can be hard to wear right after extractions. 

Naturally, your mouth is going to be really sore after you have had teeth pulled. Therefore, wearing dentures over the sore gums can cause you some pain. Some people choose to wear their same-day dentures only when they are out, trying to eat, etc., and then take them out when they are at home or sleeping. 

Pro: Same-day dentures help protect your gums while they are healing. 

Anyone who has ever had a tooth pulled knows how tender and sore the gums can be at the extraction site. One small piece of food can be enough to cause severe pain when you bite down. By having the denture in place over the extraction sites, it may be a little easier to chew, and you can thwart problems with getting food particles in the open sockets that could put you at risk of infection. 

Con: The dentures will likely have to be readjusted. 

The height and shape of your gums naturally change as they heal. While wearing your dentures during this process will actually help them form to the shape of your dentures, your mouth will still change significantly. Therefore, even if your same-day dentures fit well initially, you will likely have to have them adjusted periodically as your mouth heals. For most patients, it is well worth the added adjustments to get their dentures on the same day their teeth are pulled.