Sitting In The Orthodontist's Office: Things Parents Can Do While They Wait

No matter how old your kids get, you still seem to always be driving them to appointments and then having to wait for them. Past a certain age, you do not even go back into the exam room or the dental chair with them. They go on their own, but you are still stuck there, waiting. Thankfully, every orthodontist office and dental office in the country has gone beyond the staring-at-walls era for the parents (as well as the kids). Here are a bunch of things you can do in the new and customer-centered waiting rooms of your kids' orthodontic offices. 

Watch Cable TV

Lots of medical offices have invested in an array of telecommunications services, which frequently includes cable TV. Most of the time, the receptionists have the TV parked on one particular channel, which you can either choose to watch, or politely ask the receptionists to change to another channel. A lot of times it will be a kids' animated show channel, or it will be some sort of reality channel. It is better than waiting and doing nothing, though. 

Phone Time for You

Busy days shuttling kids around and running errands means you have little time to do much else, much less be on your phone for any reason. A lot of parents spend time on their phones while the kids are in with the doctors. Order something you need, schedule a dinner delivery, place an online grocery order for pickup on the way home, etc.. Multitask! 

IPads and WiFi

In addition to TV in the office, you will find free WiFi (which explains all the bowed heads and phones out!). Some orthodontists, dentists, and doctors also provide guests with free iPad/tablet computer use on which to play games or search the internet for something. If you forget your tablet at home, and you intended to do something important and urgent on it, borrow one from the orthodontist (if applicable). 

Handle the Business End of Things

It is not exactly something you would want to do, but you are right there. You can ask the receptionists if there is anything you need to pay on your kids' orthodontic bills, buy orthodontic supplies like fluoridated mouthwash and special picks for braces, and check for upcoming appointments. If you do all of it now while you are waiting for your son/daughter to complete his/her appointment, you can just leave when he/she is finished.