Are Dental Implants Safe For Your Body?

Getting dental implants is a bit more intensive than getting a bridge or dentures, so it's understandable if you have questions about their impact on your health. If you're curious about this and want to know more, then read on to learn about the safety of dental implants.


The first thing to know about dental implants is that the peg that makes up the implant itself is made of titanium. This metal is used because it's extremely durable and strong, which makes dental implants long-lasting. In fact, dental implants outlast their teeth replacement counterparts. However, it also provides safety for you.

Unlike certain metals, titanium doesn't trigger an allergic reaction or cause sensitivity. This is why it's also used in other medical applications. So there's no inherent danger to having the implant under your gums or in touch with your jawbone.

Natural Mechanism

Speaking of jawbones, you should know that dental implants are actually a lot more natural than they might seem at surface level.

Your teeth are fairly long and extend from the surface, where you can see them, all the way down into the gums until they reach the jawbone. This allows teeth to not only stay fixed in one place but also transfer pressure and energy into the jawbone to stimulate it to build new bone cells.

While other teeth replacement methods only transfer energy to the surface of the gums, dental implants are different because they sit on top. They extend the same length as a real tooth and work the same way as real teeth. So you may actually have better oral health after a dental implant than you had before getting it.


Finally, you should know that dental implants are intended to be permanent. They fuse together with the jawbone and stay solidly in place once the healing process is complete. However, if there were ever a situation where you didn't want implants anymore, they could be removed by a dentist. This would essentially be the same process as having a tooth extracted, except your implants would be extracted instead. So if you ever did have a big problem with them, you wouldn't be forced to keep them.

Dental implants are incredibly safe for your oral health and can help to protect your remaining teeth, too. If you have further questions about the safety of dental implants, don't hesitate to reach out to a dentist about it.