3 Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Fix Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth are a type of tooth imperfection that left sufferers little hope in yesteryear. There were some dental solutions that could make the appearance of teeth back then more appealing. However, some of those solutions involved complicated methods and the results may have left obvious signs of dental work. Today's cosmetic dentistry options boast several options for correcting chipped teeth. Treatments can be completed in one day and are not intensive. This gives hope for many individuals regardless of what caused their chipped teeth. The following points identify some innovative solutions that can correct this type of imperfection. 


This solution is sometimes referred to as a cap. Veneers fit over the surfaces of teeth. They conceal the chipped portions and mimic "perfect teeth." One of the innovative things about this technology is that individuals can choose the shape and color of their veneers. Some individuals who desire bright white teeth might choose to use veneers and teeth whitening services to get "pearly whites." The veneers can be used to correct the chipped tooth and to enhance the color of nearby teeth. The results will be a cohesive seemingly perfect smile. Ongoing teeth whitening services might be required for teeth that do not get veneers. Another option would be to select a veneer solution that mimics the hue of natural teeth that are not the whitest of white.


A cosmetic dentist might suggest dental crowns if there is not enough tooth structure to implement other cosmetic options like veneers. There are different materials available to create crowns. Individuals may choose their materials based on preference and desired results. Porcelain crowns are favored because they mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Like veneers, the actual hue is a personal decision and dentists can create them to match natural, intact surrounding teeth. Some individuals decide to choose metal solutions for their dental crowns. These can be only metal or stone accents may be added.


This is a viable option that is ideal for minor chips. Dentists can use composite resin to replace the minute missing portion of the tooth. The composite material can be shaped to satisfaction and then a resin coating is applied to secure it and make it appear realistic. Sometimes dental bonding is used to make short teeth appear elongated. It can also be used to fill small gaps. 

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use to find the ultimate solution for an imperfect smile. Many individuals who want a perfect smile have other issues besides their chipped teeth. Dentists can implement "smile makeovers" to fix several issues resulting in beautiful, realistic-looking teeth. 

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