Can You Replace A Front Tooth? 3 Questions To Decide

When you get into an accident or otherwise have an experience that causes an injury to a front tooth, it can be frustrating. The look of a broken tooth in the front of your mouth not only puts your oral health in jeopardy but can devastate your self-esteem. For that reason, a broken front tooth is considered an important dental emergency that requires immediate attention. Fortunately, most broken teeth can be repaired or replaced. Here is what you need to know:

Do You Still Have Some of the Tooth in the Gum?

If some or all of the front tooth is still located in the gumline, the dentist may be able to build it up and repair the appearance of the tooth. This can be done as long as the tooth is still in the socket and if it does not have major nerve damage. This action needs to be taken as soon as possible, as the damaged tooth can continue to deteriorate, and the nerves will begin to die. The tooth may need a root canal to complete this treatment. You may also need a crown if the break is bad enough to warrant it.

Is There Enough Natural Tooth Left?

If the tooth is broken all the way down to the gum, the dentist may be able to fix it depending on the location of the tooth. The rest of the tooth may need to be extracted and replaced with an implant or bridge. If there is enough tooth left, the dentist may be able to bond the tooth and create the look of a natural tooth. However, the amount of pressure used by the tooth will depend on whether or not this is a viable option. If the tooth is needed to bite down on something hard, it needs to be able to withstand this amount of pressure. Alternatively, if it is not strong enough to hold a bond when you eat, the tooth will need to be replaced.

Is the Tooth Completely Gone?

If the tooth has completely come out of your mouth and there is nothing left, there may be a possibility to save it if you still what broke off. You can place the tooth in a glass of milk to help keep it alive. However, you must go straight to the dentist to see if it can be put back into the socket. If your socket is traumatized, however, this may not be a possibility. The trauma needs to fully heal before the tooth can be restored. The live tooth will likely not live long enough to wait for trauma to heal. Fortunately, if the trauma is not really bad, the dentist may be able to replant the tooth.

A dentist can help when this kind of emergency happens. To learn more, contact an emergency dental service.