Still Dealing With Cavities As an Adult?

For some adults, issues with cavities seem to keep popping up. You might think that you have brushing, checkups, and all those other helpful remedies down pat, but you still end up having to have fillings done. To find out what might be going on, read below.

Understanding How Cavities Occur

Sometimes, knowing the way cavities form can help you better deal with the problem. Teeth are basically made up of several types of minerals. Those minerals can be compromised by bacteria and that forms due to what you eat and drink. Bacteria leaches minerals from your teeth and weakens your enamel, potentially leading to thinner enamel, cracks, and loose teeth. Food left on your teeth can form plaque, which clings to your teeth and further harms your enamel. All those things invite bacteria inside your tooth and that is when a cavity forms. Loose teeth can also bring bacteria inside your gums and that can lead to gum infections and diseases.

Why Brushing a Few Times a Day May Not Be Enough

The tried-and-true method of removing bad actors from your mouth and teeth is brushing after eating and before bed. However, many adults are too busy to stop and brush their teeth during the day. For instance, how many brush their teeth after they eat lunch. Even if you, like many, are working from home, you may not be exactly racing to clean your teeth after eating snacks throughout the day. Another issue that many adults fail to recognize is the damage soft drinks can do to your teeth. While you might be congratulating yourself on drinking diet soft drinks, you are still subjecting your teeth to the acids in the drinks which can break down the defenses of your teeth and bring on fresh batches of adult cavities.

Tips to Cope

If you want to stop seeing so much of your dentist, you must upgrade the way you look at teeth cleaning:

  1. If you are unable to brush and floss after you eat or drink, chew some sugar-free gum until you can get to a sink and do a proper job of it.
  2. If you must skip a cleaning, don't let it be the one you do before you go to bed. When you don't brush and floss before bedtime, you are allowing acids and bacteria all the time in the world to do damage to your teeth.
  3. Sugar and starch between meals can do damage to more than just your weight. Snack healthier by choosing high-protein nuts and fruits rather than cookies and pastries.
  4. Ask your dentist about fluoride treatments if your drinking water does not add it to your supply. Fluoride helps to remineralize your teeth.

Speak to your dentist for more information.