Signs You Need Wisdom Tooth Removal

Teeth develop at different times of your life and help your face maintain its structure. The milk teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth. Molars are the last ones to grow at the corners of your jaw, and they are also known as wisdom teeth. When developing, they are accompanied by symptoms such as a smelly mouth or painful jaws, among others. These molars may experience difficulties when appearing, causing you much pain and discomfort. In some cases, you cannot eat because of the pain experienced when opening and closing your mouth. In the following cases, your last molar needs to be assessed and extracted by a family dentist. 

Tooth Stuck Inside the Jaw

Infections in your mouth have different underlying reasons. The last molar could fail to emerge due to insufficient space or being positioned at a wrong angle. As such, it remains trapped inside your jaws. The situation is painful and uncomfortable, particularly if it persists. You must visit your dental health practitioner to address this condition by extracting the tooth.

Partial Growth

Sometimes the tooth develops halfway, meaning it does not grow to its full size. Cleaning wisdom teeth is a bit hard because they are not easily visible. Mouth and gum infections result from bacteria settling on and around these teeth. When infection on the gum remains unattended by a specialist, it damages the soft gum tissue. In advanced stages, it can destroy the jaw structure supporting other teeth.

Lack of Enough Space

Crowding of teeth is a challenge in dental formation and development. The first set of teeth is very small and well arranged in the mouth. Growth of permanent teeth after milk teeth removal becomes challenging when the appearing permanent tooth is larger than the previous milk tooth. Shorter jaws also cause tooth crowding. When there isn't enough space, then the wisdom tooth causes crowding and affects your other teeth. In this case, seek dental advice for molar removal.

Sinus Complication

The body systems are interconnected in their operations. When one body part is impacted, it may negatively impact the function of another body part. Your nose and mouth are interconnected. The sinuses inside the nose are affected when the wisdom tooth has complications. In the case where the molar is trapped inside the jaw, it causes pressure, congestion, and pain in the sinuses. 

It is advisable to visit your family dentist to extract your wisdom tooth if you're experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues. They'll remedy the problem and restore comfort in no time.

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