4 Common Questions About Using Gum Contouring To Improve Your Smile

Are you unhappy with the look of your smile and want a complete smile makeover? One procedure that you may be interested in is gum contouring. Here are a few questions you may have about this unique cosmetic dentist procedure. 

What Exactly Is Gum Contouring?

Gum contouring is a procedure that actually reshapes the way that your gums cover your teeth. It's a procedure for people that have a smile where others can see a lot of the gums. This solution removes some gum tissues to show more of the teeth underneath. Gum contouring is also used to make teeth look symmetrical, such as when one tooth has a lot of gum tissue over it. 

Does Gum Contouring Hurt? 

Much like any dental procedure, there are methods that can be used to perform gum contouring so that it does not harm the patient. This is done by numbing the areas of the gums that will be worked on so that the patient does not feel a thing. If someone will have gum contouring done across their entire smile, then the dentist may decide to split the procedure up into two days. This will help prevent the patient's entire mouth from being numb afterward. 

If you're anxious about having the procedure done due to a fear of pain, it may be worth talking to your dentist about dental sedation. These are methods that will make you calmer and more relaxed throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, is a simple form of dental sedation that has very few side effects. 

Does Gum Contouring Have A Long Recovery?

The recovery from gum contouring depends on how much of your mouth the procedure is performed on. However, you can expect tenderness and swelling afterward for a couple of days. It is common to use a pain reliever to deal with any discomfort, as well as be prescribed an antibiotic to prevent an infection from occurring.

How Long Does Gum Contouring Last?

While some procedures like dental veneers will need to be replaced over time, gum contouring can potentially last forever. Your gums will continue to change over time as you get older, but the gums will not grow back to cover the parts of your teeth that they were covering. You can expect your dentist to monitor the health of your gums during regular checkups, and potentially get additional gum contouring if you feel like it is necessary to make an adjustment to how your teeth look.

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