How Does A Vegan Or Vegetarian Diet Affect Your Oral Health?

Cutting meat and animal products out of your diet can do a lot for your health if you're consuming far too much saturated fat and cholesterol. However, these otherwise healthy diets can produce both positive and negative effects in the mouth, depending on exactly what you choose to eat when you're avoiding animal-based foods. Find out what happens to your oral health when you become vegan or vegetarian and how to avoid the negatives while maximizing the positives.

Oral Health Issues And Procedures For Seniors

As you age, your teeth will naturally begin to experience more problems. This occurs for several reasons, and it may require getting some extra dental work completed. There are several types of issues seniors often experience with their teeth when they age, but there are also numerous types of dental procedures that may help with these issues. Why Teeth Wear Out With Age There are several common reasons seniors experience more dental problems than people that are younger, and here are some of these reasons:

Orthodontic Appliances For Children - Understanding Palatal Expanders

If your child has crooked or crowded teeth in the mouth and they want a straight smile, then your orthodontist will likely identify teeth that can be extracted to create space for the essential teeth. However, this will sometimes not be enough to make room for all the teeth. If the dental professional feels that space is extremely limited, then your son or daughter may be fitted with a palatal expander.

Steps That Must Be Completed Before You Get Braces

If you are preparing to get braces for your teeth, it's important to understand that there are some steps that must be completed before this can happen. There are more steps needed if you plan on getting traditional braces instead of invisible orthodontics; however, both types require preparation before an orthodontist can begin the actual process. Here are the steps that your orthodontist will need to take before you get your braces.

Signs And Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

A lot of people choose to have their wisdom teeth removed before they begin acting up simply as an act of maintenance for the mouth; however, there are also a lot of people that wait until they are experiencing problems before they decide to have these teeth removed. If you are not sure if you should get your wisdom teeth removed or not, it's important to understand the signs and symptoms that can occur when these teeth are impacted.