5 Benefits Of Laser Gum Treatments For Gum Disease

Although the vast majority of American citizens are quite diligent about brushing and flossing, one out of every two Americans suffers from some form of periodontal disease due to a lack of care that is applied to the gums. Mild gum disease can be corrected by proper care of the gums, but some of the more severe issues often times require surgery. and there are several procedures and methods which are at your disposal. One of them is laser treatment. Throughout the course of this article, you will learn of 5 benefits of laser gum treatment for gum disease.

Shorter Procedure

If you have gum surgery, you will quickly learn the standard procedure involves a 1 hour appointment in which the surgery takes places, as well as up to 4 follow up appointments. This does not include various other appointments that might be related to complications revolving around the surgery. Laser treatments are far more efficient, in this regard. They will, without a doubt, save you a solid amount of time. Laser treatment requires 2 treatments, as well as 2 follow ups.

Shorter Recovery Time

The usual amount of recovery time from a standard gum surgery is anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. This recovery period usually is accompanied by an ample amount of swelling, as well as a small dose of pain that is associated with the swelling. Laser treatments differ from the standard treatment. The recovery time for laser treatment is, generally speaking, within 24 hours. Many people have found that, within a day's worth of recovery, they are able to return to work or school without so much as a problem.

Fewer Dietary Restrictions

After a standard gum surgical procedure, surgeons usually recommend you switch to a softer diet for a day or two. This is due to the association with pain and swelling that goes along with a standard gum surgical procedure. This is not the case with laser surgery. Usually, a patient is able to return to his or her standard dietary habits within hours of the completion of the surgery. It should be noted there might be several cases in which brief inflammations do occur, in which it is recommended that patients do, temporarily, switch to a soft diet.

Great Results

When it comes to laser surgery, what you're looking for is great results. Laser surgery won't disappoint with regard to this. After laser surgery, so long as patients remain compliant with any medication that is prescribed to them and they follow up with good hygiene habits, they will remain stable, for the very least of upwards of 5 years. This statistic is quite a bit more solid than the number of people who remain stable after successful completion of a standard periodontal surgical procedure.


If there is one thing guaranteed throughout the course of your laser periodontal surgery, it is your safety. Due to the technology involved in the treatment, the surgeon will be able to much more accurately perform incisions in your gums, and worries about missteps during the process are next to none. In addition, these procedures are safe for a vast array of patients with ailments that vary from HIV, diabetes, hemophilia, and those that are taking medication that may affect the thickness of one's blood, such as warfarin. In addition, laser technicians are also licensed surgeons.

Laser periodontal surgery is an exciting way to have surgery performed on your gums. It's easy, relatively painless and the recovery time is quite quick. Consult your periodontist about such a procedure if you believe it is right for you. You can also go to this web-site here for more information.