How To Reduce The Discomfort Of Clear Aligner Braces

If you are an adult with slightly or moderately crooked teeth, then you should consider the use of clear aligners to help reposition them. While clear aligners are much more comfortable than traditional metal braces or damon braces, you are likely to still experience some discomfort. Fortunately, pain and soreness are easy to control, so learn about a few easy things you can do to reduce pain while you wear your clear aligners.

Coping With Dry Mouth: What You Need To Know

There are many signs that point to the fact that you might suffer from chronic dry mouth. If you have trouble keeping saliva in your mouth, have difficulty or experience pain chewing food, or have a chronically sore throat, chances are you suffer from chronic dry mouth. Dry mouth is a problem because saliva can help you fight off bacteria and is instrumental in breaking down food and helping it pass into the digestive system with ease.

Dementia Patients & Dentures: Advice for Carers

Around 5 million Americans now have Alzheimer's disease, and many more people have other forms of dementia. Dementia can lead to many complications and side effects, which can gradually erode the patient's quality of life, and carers must take steps to avoid the problems that the disease can cause. Older dementia patients often wear dentures, so carers must take care to make sure their patients don't lose these critical dental appliances.

Bone Augmentation: What Is It And Why Should You Do It?

If you lost teeth years ago and want to replace them with dental implants now, you may wonder if you have enough bone tissue left in your jaws to get the procedure done. Although you have valid concerns, you shouldn't worry. Your dentist can rebuild your jawbones with bone augmentation. Bone augmentation involves several unique and advanced dental procedures that improve the width, height and stability of your jawbones. If you're ready to improve the functions of your mouth, facial appearance and overall health, keep reading.

Why Not Fixing Your Thin Front Tooth Enamel Isn't A Good Idea

If you have thin front tooth enamel, you may think it's no problem and skip the cosmetic dental treatments your dentist recommends you get, such as having your teeth bonded to make them thicker. But your thin tooth enamel can become a very big problem in the future, especially if you develop a weakened immune system. A weakened immune system leaves your lymph tissues and cells vulnerable to disease and infection if bacteria overwhelm your gums and saliva.